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Who is eligible to access our external provider program?

All SJA staff members and volunteers are eligible to access our EP program along with their eligible family. Eligible family members are defined as anybody living under the same roof as the staff member or volunteer.

How many sessions with an external provider am I entitled to?

Eligible staff members, volunteers and their family members are entitled to 6 sessions with an external provider per rolling year.

Can I access an external provider directly?

Yes you can! All approved external providers are listed here. You can contact them directly to make an appointment. Just remember to tell them you are from St John Ambulance.

Is my session with an external provider confidential?

Any confidentiality agreement you sign is between you and your external provider clinician. We are not privy to any information you share with them. In fact, invoices are processed with all defining information on them removed.

Does Wellbeing and Support need to know I have accessed an external provider?

No. Any session you have with an external provider is confidential. Our providers do not divulge information to our department. All invoicing sent to our department does not contain defining information. If you wish to inform us, or are unsure of whom to see, then a member of our team is able to assist you with recommendations.

Why didn’t I get a call from Wellbeing and Support?

The Wellbeing and Support team action calls when we receive relevant information from other teams within St John Ambulance WA. Company protocol dictates what and when we receive information. Consequently, our department does not receive information about each and every incident/person. We encourage all volunteers and staff to contact us if they need support from the team.

I am concerned about my family member. What can I do?

If this person is an eligible St John Ambulance WA employee, volunteer or family member, then they are entitled to support from the Wellbeing and Support team. If you are unsure of how to offer support you can call (08) 9373 3827 to speak to a member of the team who will be able to assist and guide you in the matter.

Can I contact Wellbeing and Support to follow-up with an employee or volunteer I’m concerned about without letting the person know I’m contacting someone for follow-up?

Wellbeing and Support can follow-up with a staff or volunteer without consent if that person has been directly involved in an incident while working or volunteering on-road. We receive notifications for job-related follow-ups every day from a range of people and departments within the organisation.

For all other instances, consent needs to be obtained by the individual before Wellbeing and Support can make any contact with them. This is to protect an individual’s privacy and confidentiality. If you are concerned about someone, let them know you are concerned about them and ask if they would be open to having a conversation with Wellbeing and Support. For tips on how to approach the conversation visit  You can also call Wellbeing and Support for suggestions on how to have a supportive conversation and to discuss what support options are available.