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Behind every one of St John Ambulance WA’s employees and volunteers are committed and caring partners, children and other family members.

We recognise families of first responders share the impacts and demands placed on emergency service workers. They are also crucial for ongoing support outside of the emergency service scene. As a result, St John Ambulance WA’s Wellbeing and Support services are available 24/7 to the whole St John community, including family members living in the household.

An eligible family member is defined as a person living in the same residence as the St John Ambulance WA staff member or volunteer.

Each family member receives six free sessions from our professional external providers. Every contact – call, visit or email – is kept strictly confidential.

How our service works depends on whether you’re in the Perth metropolitan area or one of our six regions.

Perth metropolitan area

If you’re in the Perth metropolitan area, here’s the step-by-step process to directly contact an external professional provider.

  1. Go to Access professional care.
  2. Enter your general location (north of the river or south of the river).
  3. Select a provider you feel best suits your need.
  4. Ring the provider and let them know you are a family member of a St John Ambulance WA staff or volunteer member (identifying yourself with St John Ambulance WA helps secure a quicker first session).
  5. The provider will schedule you an appointment and organise payment with St John.
  6. Is your matter urgent? Then please call us on 9373 3827 – we’re available 24/7, and we’ll help you immediately.

Regional Western Australia

Family members in regional Western Australia can access support with these steps.

  1. Ring Wellbeing and Support Services (24/7)
  2. You may also go here to see if one of our affiliates is in your region. If so, you’re welcome to ring them directly. However, if you do not wish to see one of your local providers, please phone us on 9373 3827 and we’ll assist you with alternate options.

Education and resources

Education plays a vital role for families of St John staff and volunteers.

From 2016, St John is placing families as a priority as it expands its Wellbeing and Support services, with families included in workforce education sessions and in new recruit induction.

Several resources are included on this website to help raise awareness, provide support options and further understanding on topics ranging from stress and grief to mindfulness.

Find helpful support resources for family members