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Samaritan Youthline July 30, 2020

At Men’s Health and Wellbeing WA we are all about improving the health and wellbeing outcomes for boys and men in Western Australia.

We believe that Western Australian men are significant and positive contributors to West Australian life through their diverse family, work and community roles.

We believe that to empower men to reach their potential and enjoy a long and high quality life to continue this positive involvement, supporting the health and wellbeing of men is an important and critical community issue.

We believe that to achieve this we must focus on promoting and facilitating men’s healthy living, strengthening health and community service delivery to men and that we must focus on the health and wellbeing issues that have the greatest impact on men’s quality and length of life.

Men’s Health and Wellbeing WA is committed to providing the leadership to achieve these things.

We achieve this by:

Many seem to accept that men are not good at taking action for their health.

We believe that men will be engaged if you build programs and services that understand and are tailored towards men’s needs; that utilise a “go to where men are” approach; and build on men’s strengths rather than focus on deficits.

This is our journey and we believe that we can make a real difference.

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