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Contact Name: Brainbox Psychology Clinic
Contact Number: (08) 9388 9960
Emergency Contact: (08) 9388 9960 (9.00 to 5.00 Monday to Friday)

About Brainbox Psychology Clinic

Karen King, Counselling Psychologist

Karen is passionate about supporting families to enjoy happy relationships across life.  She has expertise working with mums experiencing postnatal depression, children with challenging behavioural and emotional health concerns, learning difficulties and attentional problems, adolescents who self-harm, couples in conflict, and family relationship struggles

Jenny Sandilands, Clinical Psychologist

Jenny loves working therapeutically with children and families experiencing difficulties with anxiety, depression, disruptive behaviour disorders, high-functioning autism spectrum disorders, and peer social relationships.  She works hard to transfer therapeutic interventions into lasting change within the family system, friendship groups and learning environment.

Aoife McNally, Educational & Developmental Psychologist

Aoife enjoys assisting parents work collaboratively with educators to implement practical school-based interventions for children with learning difficulties, intellectual delays, attentional problems and emotional health concerns.  She has an intimate understanding of school systems to assist parents navigate the complexities of educational requirements for children with unique needs.

Kylie Crump, Educational & Developmental Psychologist

Kylie is passionate about assisting parents to build a strong and healthy relationship with their children.  She has a special interest in perinatal and postnatal mental health and recognises the importance of supporting mums and dads throughout these challenging early first years of life.  Kylie is a registered Circle of Security educator to help parents raise an emotionally secure child. Kylie also provides a faith-based approach, as needed.

Matthew Roberts, Counselling Psychologist (Registrar)

Matthew enjoys the challenge of working with families in distress, particularly boys and adolescent young men experiencing emotional turmoil.  His work with adults involves assisting individuals to process traumatic events using eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) which is a safe and effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  In addition to his therapy work, Matthew is currently undertaking his PhD exploring gender identity issues.

Suite 4, 16 Nicholson Road