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Contact Information

Contact Name: Bronwyn Tough @ Old Perth Road Psychology
Contact Number: 0411 153 925
Emergency Contact: 0411 153 925

About Bronwyn

I am a Counselling Psychologist with close to 20 years’ experience in the field of psychology. I specialise in generating specific understandings of the problems people face, which leads to targeted interventions to address the issue. Whether it be a situational issue, an emotional problem, a relationship difficulty, or stress at work, I believe in taking time to really understand the issue in depth and thereby formulate strategies to step towards relief from the pressures of life.

I am familiar with and conversant in a number of modalities that assist in psychological interventions – cognitive behaviour therapy, schema therapy, mindfulness and EMDR. These types of approaches can help you to find a way forward when you may be feeling like you have run out of your own solutions. And it’s important to remember that the simple act of talking through things with an impartial third party can sometimes really make just the difference that is needed to cope better with what you are facing. I look forward to meeting with you and talking through your situation. You can visit me here:

93 Old Perth Road