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Contact Information

Contact Name: Gillian Iliffe
Contact Number: 0414 593 669
Emergency Contact: 0414 593 669

About Counselling in Como

Gillian is a clinical and counselling psychologist in private practice in Como. She uses a range of counselling strategies to help you manage challenging relationships in your life; or past pain that is getting in the way of you living a healthy lifestyle; having good relationships or managing uncomfortable feelings; or negative beliefs about yourself or others. She uses several body-centred techniques that can be helpful for specific issues such as EMDR – which is an effective trauma technique that helps dramatically reduce reliving a traumatic event and reduces the symptoms after a traumatic event/s. She also uses Emotional Freeing Technique which is a useful tapping technique for specific phobias such as fear of flying or public speaking.

Como Corporate Centre, Suite 3, 11 Preston street Como 6152