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Contact Name: Mandurah Psychological Services Pty.
Contact Number: 0417 968 569
Emergency Contact: 0417 968 569


Andrew Spring

Andrew is a former lawyer now practicing as a registered psychologist. He uses all accepted evidence based modalities when working with clients but has a particular interest in mindfulness based Cognitive-Behavioural interventions.

Andrew has worked for several NGOs in the past and developed training manuals teaching emotional regulation skills for those experiencing trauma and /or abuse. Andrew works with couples and one-to-one clients from late teens upward


Michelle Dorazio

Michelle is a Registered Psychologist with over 10 years experience. She works with individuals, couples and therapeutic groups. She has broad experience working within Government departments (Department of Health WA, Department of Corrective Services WA), Non-government organisations (NGO), private practice and Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP).

Michelle’s experience is the treatment of relationship difficulties, improving interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, depression, postnatal depression, anxiety, sleep management, grief and trauma. Michelle has a client-centred approach in conjunction with utilising neuropsychotherapeautic information and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to assist clients to adjust to challenges and changes in their life.


Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown is a female psychologist with expertise in general treatment.

Polina Starovoitova

A clinical psychologist registrar dedicated to understanding the development of problematic presentations by means of thorough assessment and testing to inform evidence-based and effective intervention. Strong background in cognitive behaviour therapy, with interest in integration of complimenting theoretical concepts from schema/schema modes therapy, psychoanalytic and psychodynamic perspectives, mentalisation, comprehensive resources model, somatic experiencing and sensorimotor psychotherapy, mindfulness practice, gestalt psychotherapy and narrative approaches.

Focused on the development of strong therapeutic alliances and team relationships. Bringing great organizational and time management qualities as well as commitment to ongoing professional and personal development and growth. Strongly committed to upholding ethical standards by way of maintaining professional boundaries, client dignity and respect, as well as being dedicated to ethical and respectful provision of service.



12 Tuckey St, Mandurah, WA, 6210