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Contact Name: Monika Knausenberger
Contact Number: 0405 616 128
Emergency Contact:


Monika uses treatment methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, couple and family therapy and trauma/PTSD intervention.

She sees clients from a room rented at the dental office and treatment is completely confidential.

Monika prides herself on assisting others (re-)gain their strength, capacity and joy for life, ability to connect socially and helping lift the burden left by the history they bring with them.

In particular, she has a concern for people living in remote and isolated places with often limited resources on the background of reduced social support.

Monika has worked with remotely located individuals such as missionaries and has cross-cultural work experience, having lived in different countries myself.

She works with a wide range of issues, and with all age groups.


12 years.

Tunbridge Street
Margaret River