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Contact Name: Perth Psychology Collective - Limited availability to see new clientele
Contact Number: (08) 6117 8378
Emergency Contact:; Kirstin Bouse 0411651274

About Perth Psychology Collective

Kirstin Bouse

Director and Founder

Kirstin Bouse is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with over 20 years-experience in providing therapy for a variety of psychological and interpersonal difficulties. In terms of therapy and treatment, Kirstin loves working with clients facing difficulties in becoming and being new parents and the many experiences that can cause perinatal mental health issues including perinatal anxiety and depression, birth trauma and infant and neonatal loss as well as parenting in general and the juggle of work and parenthood. Kirstin also has extensive experience working with individuals who have experienced traumatic event/s whether from their childhood, working life (military, Police or Ambulance Officers) or injury (criminal, workplace or motor vehicle accidents). Kirstin is warm, has a deep appreciation for life and has a genuine connection with her clients. She loves a good laugh and with much respect, uses humour in therapy. Kirstin is entirely convinced of the profound importance of the therapeutic relationship to therapeutic outcomes and strives to provide her clients with a sense of connection with themselves and with her as their therapist. This is essential for creating a safe place for self-reflection, expression, healing and long-lasting meaningful change.

April Kane

Clinical Psychologist Registrar

April is a Clinical Psychologist Registrar with many years’ experience assisting children, adolescents and adults with a range of concerns, including: trauma and PTSD; anxiety and related disorders such as OCD and social anxiety; mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder; personality disorders; parenting and attachment issues; grief and loss; and self-esteem. With a client -centred approach, April uses her interpersonal and clinical skills to develop strong therapeutic relationships with clients. She believes in bringing a holistic and strengths-based approach to therapy, and as such April’s style is warm, compassionate, and collaborative. She has a passion for helping her clients to improve their overall wellbeing, and to make and maintain positive change in their lives.

Veronica Smith

Counselling Psychologist

Veronica is a Counselling Psychologist who started her career in the prison system. She has over 15 years of experience with people and is intensely passionate about helping clients to manage their issues in a way that makes life more doable. As a psychologist she is fun, laid back and loves a good laugh. Veronica works with adults, adolescents and couples and her specific areas of interest are suicide, self-harm, trauma, personality disorders, sexual dysfunction and relationship issues. She loves working with tradies, FIFO workers and people who see the world a little differently. She also loves working with members of the Indigenous and Immigrant Community. Veronica works primarily from an interpersonal and psychodynamic perspective. This means that she is a firm believer that the way we are in the world now is a function of where we come from. So yep…tell me about your mother!! No seriously, the way we deal with problems is due to the lessons we have learned in life. So we identify the lessons, see if they are still working for us and if not, work upon learning some new ones!

Amanda Maynard

Counselling Psychologist

Amanda is a Counselling Psychologist who has worked with young people and their parents and adults for over 10 years supporting them with grief and loss, relationship difficulties with significant others, self-esteem, anxiety, depression and a range of other challenges. Amanda has a deep interest in maternal and infant mental health and is very passionate about supporting new mums. Amanda focuses on creating a safe space where the client feels able to explore and make sense of their internal world, views it as a privilege the share the journey with the client as they look to heal and create change in their life. Amanda draws from a range of therapeutic models trying to find the best fit for the client and endeavours to meet the client where they are at.


Eugenie Pophillat

Clinical Psychologist

Eugenie is a registered clinical psychologist and has worked over the last ten years with children and their families, adolescents and adults across various inpatient, community and private settings. Eugenie firmly believes in the need for a collaborative therapeutic relationship and is committed to providing a safe and non-judgemental space for people to explore their inner world. She brings warmth and compassion in her work and considers it a privilege to work alongside her clients in making sense of their current struggles and building on their existing strengths. Her areas of interests include working with anxiety and mood disorders; trauma, stress, grief and self esteem issues. She also has a keen interest in perinatal and post-natal mental health, and in infant/child – parent attachment.

Suite 19 First Floor, 222/230 Walter Rd W, Morley WA 6062