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Contact Name: Sleep Matters
Contact Number: 08) 6267 6033
Emergency Contact:

We’re a team of 6 clinical psychologists with specialist training, interest and experience in treating insomnia and related sleep problems.


Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, waking too early are common difficulties with sleep. Effective non drug treatments for this exist. We also help shift workers, those who suffer with chronic nightmares, those with chronic fatigue, and children who don’t sleep well.


We offer appointments weekdays, evenings (Mon, Wed, and Thurs) and Saturdays.


We see children (from age 6), teenagers, families and adults.

The sleep/insomnia services we offer include:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for Insomnia. We offer assistance to children (6+), adolescents, and adults.
  • Coping with shift work.
  • Guidance and support for parents of children with behavioural sleep disturbances.
  • Overnight, at home assessment of your sleep using a simple EEG (just three electrodes on the back of your neck). This is very useful for assessing how much you really sleep.
  • Identification and treatment of other psychological difficulties impacting on sleep (e.g., anxiety, depression, stress).
  • Light therapy to treat Circadian rhythm disorders (extreme night owls or early birds). This can be very helpful for shift workers.
  • Treatment for recurrent nightmares.
  • Assistance with adjusting to using CPAP therapy for obstructive sleep apnoea.

21 Ord Street, West Perth WA 6005
West Perth, Nedlands and O'Connor