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St John Ambulance Western Australia provides access to professional psychological support for all employees and volunteers. Our external professional affiliates are all registered or clinical psychologists and have a deep understanding of our workforce. They have expertise in areas such as trauma, stress, anxiety, grief, children, adolescents and families, and they employ a therapeutic, treatment-based approach.

St John Ambulance WA provides six sessions per year free of charge with one of our listed affiliates. These sessions are not shared within a family: each eligible family member can receive six sessions

Extra sessions may be requested by the external provider by making direct contact with the Wellbeing and Support team. If extra sessions are not granted, the Wellbeing and Support work with the provider or the individual to access Medicare-supported services with the same provider.

Every contact – call, visit or email – is kept strictly confidential.

The process to access support varies depending on your location.


If you’re in the Perth metropolitan area, here’s the step-by-step process to directly contact an external professional provider.

  1. Go to Access professional care.
  2. Enter your general location (north of the river or south of the river).
  3. Select a provider you feel best suits your need.
  4. Ring the provider and let them know you are either a staff member or volunteer of St John Ambulance WA (identifying yourself with St John Ambulance WA helps with a quicker first session).
  5. The provider will schedule you an appointment and organise payment with St John Ambulance WA.
  6. Is your matter urgent? Then please call us on 9373 3827 – we’re available 24/7, and we’ll help you immediately.


If you’re in Country – Regional Western Australia – you can access support with these steps:

  1. Ring Wellbeing and Support Services (24/7).
  2. You may also go here to see if one of our affiliates is in your region. If so, you’re welcome to ring them directly. If you don’t want to see a local provider, please phone us on 9373 3827 and we can assist you with alternate options.
  3. If face-to-face providers are not available, please access our regional telephone and video counselling services.

Regional Telephone and Video Counselling Services

Several care providers offer video and telephone support for those who can not access support in person. You can find a dedicated list here of these care providers.

Discover more

Several resources are included on this website to help raise awareness, provide support options and further understanding on topics ranging from stress and grief to mindfulness. Find out more here.